Woman Chops Off Husband’s Zolomboka For Failing to Satisfy Her in Bed


Police in Kamuli district has arrested Mary Nakayima, 37years old for allegedly killing her husband Paul Binoga who was aged 40 for failing to satisfy her in bed. She chopped off his zolomboka.

Mary is said to have locked Binoga and their six children in one room, ordered them not call for help and later chopped her husband’s manhood off, cut him on the head and stomach until when he died.

The suspect later reported herself to Kamuli Central Police station where she is being detained awaiting prosecution.



According to the couple’s neighbors’, Nakayima has always accused her husband of denying her sex which prompted her to end his life. These claim that the couple has always been known for their endless fights.

T he couple engaged in a fight on Wednesday night, where Nakayima was accusing her husband of failure to perfom his bedroom duties.

— Bless Uganda


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