14 Year Old Boy Arrested for Sodomising 19 Children


Police is holding a 14-year-old boy (names withheld) on suspicion of sodomizing 19 other children using candy and biscuits as a way to lure his classmates in order to fulfill his sexual desires.

According to Iringa Regional Police Commander, Tanzania, Allan Bukumbi, the child was arrested after Kihesa Kilolo Ward Executive Officer Elizabeth Lugenge reported that three children from Igeleke Primary School had been sodomized.

He said after interrogations the children agreed and named five of their peers.

“And when the five were interrogated they named five others, making a total of 13 children plus another six who were mentioned by the culprit,” said Bukumbi

According to Bukumbi, the suspect has been taking money from his grandmother to buy sweets and biscuits which he would give his victims to lure them into the dark acts

All the 19 children have undergone medical examination at Iringa Regional Hospital and Frelimo and preliminary reports show they have been sodomised.

“Eight cases have been filed and investigations are complete so the boy will be taken to court immediately, the boys were sodomised at different times and places,” he said.

— Bliss Uganda


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