Kenya: Man impregnates 3 biological Sisters in One Year


This one of a kind man proved to have more than two balls after him impregnating three biological sisters in the same year and marrying them, now they are happily married.

This is actually new to me and I haven’t heard of anything like this for a man to impregnate three biological sisters. When people say the world is coming to an end, please take it seriously because strange things have been happening lately.

Not quite long, I heard of a man that used his own biological parents for ritual!, that is so inhuman and now I am about to tell you about this man that impregnated three sisters in the same year.

The Kenyan guy who got the three sisters pregnant started with the first born, then the second born and lastly, he got into the last born.

In an interview with him, he said “I did all of them in the same year of 2019”. The first anf last born bore him a son while the last born gave birth to a boy for him.

I know by now, you should be asking what did the parents of the girls do?. Funny enough, the parents of the girls are happy with what the man did.

— Bliss Uganda


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