Junior Pastor In Coma After Head Pastor Took His Choir Girlfriend–Photo


There was tension in the air after the head pastor of a Nigerian church in Oyo State openly proposed marriage to the lover of his assistant pastor.

The lady agreed to marry the head pastor during a live church service.

The junior pastor got hurt and reportedly fainted.

The lady at the centre of the brouhaha is said to be a chorister in the church and she has been dating both pastors for years without their knowledge.

During church service, the clergyman decided to surprise the chorister by proposing to her.

In front of the altar, he went down on his knee, brought forth a promise ring and asked the lady’s hand in marriage–to which she accepted.

The junior pastor couldn’t stand the sight and collapsed.

The congregation poured water on him which brought him back to life.

— Kasatintin


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