Top 15 Ghanaian actors of all time

37 entertainment crew ransacked through movie archives to bring to readers, top 15 Ghanaian actors of all time.

Number 15. Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo. Kumawood actor was a household choice for many local movie lovers. He played a terrific role in the Ama Ghana movie.

Number 14. Brew Riverson Jnr. The Police Officer movie role was fantastic. He is currently a lecturer with the Theater Arts Department of the University of Education.

Number 13. Clement Bonney AKA Mr. Beautiful. His role in the Ama Ghana was splendid.

Number 12. Micky Osei Berko, Movie role in the Dada Boat series.

11 Kofi Adjorlolo.

10.Fred Amugi,

9. Dr. Rokoto of Obra Drama Group fame.

8. Ajos, of Osofo Daadzi and Daakye Drama fame.

7. Majeed Mitchell.

6. John Dumelo,

5 Fred Addai of the Osofo Daadzi Drama Group.

4. Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto in area Boga,

3. John Bosomtwi Santo movie that day.. Also in the 3rd positio. Is David Dontoh his role in the Deadly Voyage.

2.George Brigar Williams his role in the movie Last hope and Ultimate Paradise.

Number 1 Oscar Provincal in the inspector Bediako series.



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