Mount Kilimanjaro gets high-speed internet so climbers can share their ascents on social media

Mount Kilimanjaro gets high-speed internet
Mount Kilimanjaro gets high-speed internet

Tanzania has installed high-speed internet services on Mount Kilimanjaro to allow anyone with a smartphone to share social media updates about their ascent up Africa’s highest mountain.

The broadband network was reportedly set up on Tuesday (16 August) at an altitude of 3,720m (12,200ft).

Tanzania’s information minister Nape Nnauye called the event “historic”.

“Previously, it was a bit dangerous for visitors and porters who had to operate without internet,” Nnauye said at the launch of the service, according to The Guardian.

“All visitors will get connected… [up to] this point of the mountain,” he said, adding that the summit of the 5,895m (19,300ft) mountain would also have internet connectivity by the end of 2022.

— Independent


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