Ghana: Benkum Senior High Old Boys and Girls Initiate New Project.


Former students of Benkum Secondary School-BOSA 2007 have launched CHAMP project to raise holistic leaders from senior high schools in Ghana.

The project seeks to empower students with guides to career development, trigger the drive to support humanity, formulate approaches to innovation as well as mindset and personal development.

The Project Director, Gwendy Laryea explained that initiatives on the project are designed to holistically develop students toward successful careers, foster innovation, adaptability in a dynamically evolving world and promote personal growth and well-being in alignment with the SDGs.

“Our mission is to establish Benkum Secondary School and other schools that will be rolled on, as beacon of excellence to attain sustainable development”.

The Headmaster of Benkum Secondary School, Mr. Enock Ampofo expresed his appreciation and commendation to the year group for the initiative.

“I am personally elated by this initiative. This project, if sustained, would go a long way to shape the career paths of students who leave this school. I highly commend the 2007 year group for this project and I’d personally admonish all other year groups to join forces and support this project.

Gwendy added that while the BOSA 2017 intends to take up an infrastructure project which is one of the many challenges the school is saddled by, giving some attention to the students was a critical path whose impact will be far reaching than the infrastructure which will be dilapidated over a short period.

“If we give make them CHAMPs, they carry it with them through life and further pass on the ideals of CHAMP to this who will come after them. CHAMP is a great sustainable blue print to guide youth empowerment for development, one student at a time”, she concludes.

By Ferdinand A. Baah, a Journalist


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