Convert Atewa Forest into National park – ROCHA to Gov’t

Atiwa Forest
Atiwa Forest

The Deputy National Director for ROCHA – an international network of environmental organizations – Mr Daryl Bosu has called on the Government to convert the Atiwa forest into a National Park to rake in huge foreign exchange for the nation in the long term rather than mining it for short-term benefit.

According to him, the Okyehene has said “we can’t take all the gold and what happens to the future” adding that the Atiwa forest should be used as a National Park.

“Currently as we speak other development partners are supporting the government to identify the green opportunities and to support and invest in those areas. Because we believe that if we invest sufficiently we will create jobs that will also promote well-being.

“A key to having a tourism destination in that landscape. When Kakum was developed, nobody anticipated that it would be receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. Visibility shows that Atiwa could give three hundred thousand a year if we put our hands on deck and work at it,” Mr Bosu told Starr News.

He continued: Again there is so much other development, there is a lot of cocoa in that landscape, timber forest that can earn the county a high earn value on the market. But we are not developing the value chain.  Everybody is seen to be focusing on mining so we are cutting and destroying it.“

Mr Daryl Bosu indicated that the negative impact and implications of mining in the Atiwa forest are huge adding that after mining nothing is left behind for the communities.

“Their water is muddy, they can’t use it anymore, and the land left cannot be used for farming.  Bearing in mind that land that is mined is exposed to heavy metal contamination before you use it you have to make sure you remove all of these chemicals to a level where you can produce crops that will not be harmful to the body.

“Remember the former Minister for Environment said that for Ghana to rehabilitate all the degradable mines sites it will cost Ghana about four hundred billion dollars. This is almost about the same amount we say the bauxite will give us. When you look at it the net value is zero.”

— StarrFM


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