Richard Ahiagba can’t match Sammy Gyamfi in terms of communication, he speaks nothing — Brogya Genfi


Ernest Yaw Brogya Genfi, a former National Youth Organizer aspirant of the opposition NDC said it will be odd for anyone to compare Richard Ahiagba, the National Communications Director of the NPP to Sammy Gyamfi who is also the communications director of his party.

He said comparing the two communicators to determine who is more eloquent, apt, experienced and frequent in communicating to the public is a waste of time, describing them as a “mismatch.”

In his argument, the former Ashanti regional NDC youth organiser claimed that Mr. Ahiagba’s comments lack substance and value.

According to Brogya Genfi, the NPP’s National Communications Director’s delivery skills is poor to the point that he can speak for a long time and make no “sense” to the audience.

He, however, described Sammy Gyamfi in an interview on Accra-based Original FM as a smart communicator with a high level of intellect.

“It is a mismatch. The verdict is already out there and it’s a mismatch. It’s not about age but about delivery. Sammy’s level of intellect and delivery is sharp on the job and he has demonstrated it.

“Ahiagbah just steps on words. He can speak for five minutes and there will be nothing from it. I’ve done communication since 2005 and if there is someone in NPP who can speak for ten minutes and you wouldn’t know what he is saying, it’s Ahiagbah. He is very good at stepping on words.

“He can occupy a space for 30 minutes but when he is done speaking, you’d struggle to pick something from it. The truth of the matter is that NPP’s National Communication Director only steps words. It is a mismatch,” he said.

— ModernGhana


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