Find Out Why I Don’t Write About John Mahama And Judge Me If I’m Wrong


Following the death of John Atta-Mills, the president, Mahama who was then the vice president was elected as the new president. Whatever Mahama accomplished during his term in office was not appreciated at all because the NPP, which is currently in power, was able to use tribalism to influence Ghanaians, with the promise to improve their quality of life.

The former Ghanaian leader faced harsh criticism from an empire of treacherous enemies, including pastors, church leaders, the Christian Council, Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie’s group, “Aglow” International, and many others. Mahama was declared incompetent and corrupt, and since Ghana is a country that prioritizes tribalism over progress or development, Akufo Addo gained popularity.

It was very common for people to protest against Mahama, demanding his resignation, and the anti-NDC media, leaders of churches, and other religious bodies and organizations were all against the NDC government. According to a man who was interviewed during one of the protests against Mahama, “he works like a bull, pays his tax like a bull, and ‘shits’ like a bull, in fact, that man does everything like a bull.” In the wake of the tragedy that has befallen Ghana; the individual who ‘shits’ like a bull, has long vanished, just like the church leaders who assaulted Mahama.

Former president John Mahama was removed from office after being declared corrupt and incompetent. Why should any sensible writer write against someone who is no longer in office? I’m not a bigoted member of any tribe, to do something that makes no sense. Therefore, if I am guilty of not writing against Mahama, you can judge me.

Bawumia, Ken Ofori-Atta, Gabby Otchere-Darko, and Akufo Addo, made disturbing statements against the former Ghanaian leader, which today, have come back to haunt them, but many of those videos on Youtube, have been removed by this deceptive government. However, the NPP administration, notably Akufo Addo, is unable to edit his tweets against Mahama on Twitter, thus every negative thing said about the former Ghanaian leader can be traced there.

Even at a rate of GHC 3.72 to the dollar, Akufo Addo claimed on Twitter that Mahama should step down as president because poor leadership was to blame. As was previously stated, Akufo Addo became more well-liked since in Ghana tribalism is preferred above development. He was able to convince them that he is the true messiah and that Mahama is a monster.

Akufo Addo said that because “power belongs to the people, they must trust him and give him that power to serve them.” After the people gave him the power, then he became the monster. He pledged to fight corruption, reduce taxes and protect the public’s finances, among other things but couldn’t do any of them. Mahama was labeled as incompetent and corrupt by Bawumia and his wife, as well as Akufo Addo and his family, therefore it was not surprising when Mahama lost the 2016 presidential race to Akufo Addo.

But before he left office, Mahama had accomplished the following:

1. He quickly completed ongoing projects and deployed emergency plants, adding more than 800 megawatts (MW) of power in less than 18 months.

2. The Energy Sector Levy and ongoing efforts to restructure the power utilities’ legacy debt also contributed to the stabilization of the electricity situation.

Sanitation and water
Regarding water, President Mahama expanded investments in the provision of safe drinking water and mentioned the installation of boreholes, small-town water systems, and substantial metropolitan water treatment projects as some initiatives that have considerably enhanced access to safe drinking water.

3. The Kpong water expansion project, the Teshie desalination facility, and three others

4. The ATMA project has improved access to the city’s water supply in Accra.

5. The initiative to deliver water to Wa
6. The 3Ks project, covering Kumawu, Konongo, and Kwahu,

Transport and roads
Some of the largest investments in the country’s history were made in the road sector during John Mahama’s administration. The following are a few of the road projects:

7. Achimota-Ofankor
8. Awoshie-Pokuase.
10. Tetteh Quarshie-Adenta is number.
The Kwame Nkrumah Interchange and the Kasoa Overhead Bridge are two other initiatives.

11. The network of highways connecting Airport Hills and Burma Camp. The 37-El Wak-Trade Fair road.

12. The NDC government committed greater funds to maintain the Eastern Corridor.

13. Roads in regional and district capitals have asphalt overlays

14. The country is covered in cocoa roads, before leaving the government was still active in projects

15. The decongests station project for the Tema Motorway Roundabout.

16.. A new bridge connecting East Legon and the Flower Pot Roundabout on the Spintex Roaosses the Accra-Tema Motorway.

Finished projects include
17. The Obetsebi-Lamptey junction.
18. Pokuase Interchange
19. The initiative to expand the motorway
20. The Tarkwa-Bogoso-Anyanfuri road is number
Projects that include: Expansion of the Takoradi and Tema Harbours, Construction of Terminal(T3) of Kotoka International Airport, Sekondi -Takoradi- Kojokrom railway line and central markets in Kumasi and CapeCoast

Health Initiatives
21. There are 120-bed district hospitals at Dodowa, Fomena, Kumawu, and other locations. Each of the six district hospitals in Tepa, Nsawkaw, Konongo, Salaga, and Twifo Praso has a bed capacity of 60, in addition to the 100-bed Madina Hospital and the 120-bed Bekwai Hospital.

22. The National Health Insurance Scheme’s (NHIS) increased use (of NHIS). The number of outpatients using the NHIS in 2015 was 29 million, up from 9 million in 2008.

Under his leadership, the NHIS as a whole had also been upgraded to guarantee that everyone, particularly the most vulnerable, had access to high-quality healthcare.

23. University of Ghana Teaching Hospital, which has 617 beds.

Regional hospitals include the 420-bed Ridge Hospital Expansion Project, the 250-bed Ashanti Regional Hospital at Sewua-Kumasi, and the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital.

Upper West Regional Hospital with 160 beds
24. Institutional Hospitals
500-bed Military Hospital Project in Kumasi
104-bed Police Hospital Project, Accra
130-bed Maritime Hospital, Tema
25. Polyclinics
Five polyclinics (Phase III) at Nkrankwanta, Wamfie, Kwatire, Techimantia, and Bomaa in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Ten polyclinics to be situated in the Central Region, specifically in Besease, Gomoa Dawurampong, Biriwa, Etsii Sunkwa, Esikuma Gyamera, Agona Duakwa, Bimpong Akunfude, Ekumfi Naakwa, Twifo Atimokwa, and Gomoa Postin.

Five 30-bed polyclinics will be built in the Greater Accra Region in Adentan, Ashiaman, Bortianor, Oduman, and Sege.

26. Medical Facilities
Amasaman, Doffor, Pokukrom, New Jejeti, Paakro, Gwollu, Funsi, Sang, Northern Buipe, Manso Nkwanta, Abuakwa, Mase Sosekpe, Kedzi, Adamso, Kayoro, Timonde, Bonsu Nkwanta, and Dadieso all have finished 18 health centers.

27. CHPS Compounds
1,260 of the 2,948 functioning CHPS zones have been built.

28. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s Eye Care Center

29. The National Medical Equipment Replacement Program, a US$264 million effort, has made sure that more than 150 hospitals around the country have access to vital diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. There are also all regional hospitals, 125 district hospitals, 14 health centers, and 8 mobile clinics. These include all teaching hospitals in Ghana (Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, 37 Military Hospital, Tamale Teaching Hospital, and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital), all regional hospitals, and all teaching hospitals.

30. The 15,000-seat Cape Coast Stadium is the number

31. The Affordable Housing Project at Saglemi in the Ningo-Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region.

32. “Nyame dua” Estates Under a PPP arrangement, Messrs Sethi Realty Limited has been allocated 95 acres of land at Kpone for the construction of 5,000 affordable housing units, branded “Nyame Dua” Estates.

33. The Saglemi Affordable Housing Project in the Greater Accra Area’s Ningo-Prampram District.

Estates “Nyame dua” 39 Under a PPP agreement, 95 acres of land in Kpone have been given to Messrs Sethi Realty Limited for the development of 5,000 affordable housing units known as “Nyame Dua” Estates.

34. Phases 1 and 2 of the Security Services Housing Scheme The completion of 168 housing units with accompanying infrastructure in Tema has given significance to the government’s pledge to provide a good provision for security personnel.

35. Keta Sea Defense Resettlement Housing Program, number

36. Phases 1 and 2 of the Security Services Housing Scheme The completion of 168 housing units with accompanying infrastructure in Tema, has given significance to the government’s pledge to provide good provisions for the security personnel.

37. Keta Sea Defense Resettlement Housing Program, number

38. Adenta Regeneration Project, number (SHC Gardens) The Lartebiokorshie, Kaneshie, Kanda, and North Effiakuma regeneration projects are worked on by the Adenta Regeneration Project.

39. New Labadi Villas Housing Project
Housing for the Ghana Armed Forces
40. The Accra cantonments’ Police Housing Project, a Public-Private Partnership project.

41. Construction on affordable housing units began in 2006 at six locations in Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern, Upper West, and Eastern regions.

In addition to the previously stated projects, many others, such as hospitals, houses, and educational institutions, remained unfinished.

Now let’s deal with Akufo Addo, how, then, can someone that accused the former president of Ghana of corruption be so dishonest that Akufo Addo has now run up a sizable debt on the throne of Ghana without accountability? How can someone who pledged to lower taxes instead enact a new tax known as the E-Levy that destroyed the businesses of numerous underprivileged Ghanaians? And how can someone who demonstrated against the VAT increase the e-tax to 2.5%?

How is it possible that someone who pledged to protect the public’s purse, is so dishonest that his government includes figures like Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, Charles Bissue, Eugene Arhin, Paul Adom-Otchere, etc, who are all implicated in significant corruption cases? Just try to picture the late Sir John’s wealth. More sods have been cut by Akufo Addo than any other Ghanaian leader, yet no projects are seen being built. He demolished buildings and a hospital without replacing them.

He appointed his relative Ken Ofori-Atta, as the finance minister, the driving force behind his corruption scheme, and the outcome is what we are seeing today. Therefore, the issue that comes to my mind is whether the NPP government is the foolish one or the Ghanaians are the foolish ones. if anyone predicts that the NPP government will win the 2024 elections, it reveals the government’s greed and immaturity. Everyone, including the foreign ambassadors in the country, sees that they are working against the interests of the people in favor of defending the ruling party. It’s very embarrassing but they don’t care.

Therefore, why should I waste my time writing about Mahama, a president who has been declared corrupt, incompetent and no longer in office, as a serious writer who thinks profoundly like a human being? I refrain from writing about Mahama because of this. Many writers, in my opinion, are foolish to criticize an individual who is no longer in power while leaving the current leader to continue destroying the nation right in front of them. I understand why many of these writers are struggling to get readers today.

“I must make it obvious to Ghanaians that some NPP politicians, its media, and supporters are producing deceptive videos for the people of Ghana. “1000 NPP members are back, please, forgive us Akufo Addo.” “The police have raided the NDC headquarters, it’s about cocaine,” one of the videos says. Please do not fall for these misleading videos. I don’t pay rent in Ghana, I don’t ask for fufu, and I will find fufu on my dining room table, despite that I can leave all these comforts and travel to Europe whenever I want since I use a Belgian passport.”

I challenge any anti-NDC writer, journalist, or politician to produce a comparable article after this one and list the accomplishments made by Akufo Addo since he was elected president more than six years ago. You are a fool if you haven’t realized by this point that the NPP government doesn’t care to send Ghanaians to an early grave out of greed and power. The Bank of Ghana has even deceived Ghanaians by presenting GHC8.00 to a dollar, while all the major banks in Ghana rate is between 10.00 and 11.00 GHC.

Since you are a Ghanaian, your future will depend on your error or the right choice. Will, you travel across the Atlantic to join the other victims who perish at sea? Will frustration push you to become a Superman and begin scaling high-tension poles? Will you use or sell your child for “Sikaduro”? These should be your queries. When Mahama is in power, I’ll start writing against him, but since Akufo Addo is currently in charge, I will keep writing about him. It’s very sad to see that the president has lost popularity and respect but he deserves it.

— Joel Savage


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