A Married Woman Caught Sleeping With A Pastor In A Guest House


A man identified as Stanley Mwasya explained how his wife had been cheating on him with his pastor for over two years. The heartbroken married man claims his pastor helped them through all the issues they face in their marriage.

He never believed the rumors that his wife Grace, whom he has been staying with for 24 years, was having an extramarital affair with the pastor, until the day he discovered a message of love that the man of God sent to his wife.

Although surprised by this discovery, he decided to monitor the woman until he caught her in the act in the room of the man of God. One night, Stanley caught his wife and the pastor having intimacy at a Guest house in Machakos.

The two were embarrassed, but Grace revealed to him that she fell in love with the pastor because he is good in bed.

— ghana web


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