The Destructive Hands Of A Ghanaian Leader


The banking system is regarded as a crucial component of stable development and plays a significant role in assuring the growth of the economy. Apart from employment to many in the banking sector, bank loans have a direct effect by increasing the amount of GDP to sustain the economy of a country.

Therefore, why would any prudent leader especially in a developing country will close banks that help the country’s economy and create jobs? Prince Kofi Amoabeng, the founder of UT Bank, is known to have voiced regret about the Akufo-Addo administration’s choice to use enormous amounts of tax payer’s money to shut down UT Bank and eight other banks in Ghana.

Akufo Addo is a man who wasn’t born a leader because he is too incompetent and ruthless to rule the populace, as I have repeatedly stated. He believes his father and other relatives are left out of Ghana’s history, which is why he wants to become president to ruin and alter history. He is also a man consumed with resentment and jealousy, and those who struggle with such dark emotions rarely find success in life.

While he had gained support and accolades from the public to rise to the position of leadership, his burning desire to lead Ghanaians was to ensure that he projected highly on his family, whom he felt had been left in the dark. He, therefore, made various attempts to misrepresent history and change the names of institutions that had previously been established. It is so regrettable that this tribal bigot has brought Ghana to such a dreadful end.

People might find it difficult to believe or accept my claim that Akufo Addo’s presidency has been the most trying time in Ghana’s political history. I wonder how Ghana would fare under the NPP administration if Ghana lacked any mineral resources, including gold, oil, diamonds, cocoa, and other commodities. A government that cannot build, cannot also use its resources effectively or generate employment.

When I read that Joseph Osei Owusu, also known as Joe Wise, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, had advised Ghanaians to take charge of their job searches and make things happen for themselves, I wasn’t at all surprised. Imagine what this individual said would portray the NPP as an ineffective government Ghanaians should rely on, given that the majority of civilian jobs are provided by the government. How can an intelligent Ghanaian depend on such a government now or in the future?

I can easily point out that Nana Akufo Addo is a leader of devastation and gloom because his administration has only brought tragedies to Ghanaians. Tell me what you see happening in Ghana that is headed on the correct path. The infrastructure has been severely impacted by chronic corruption and massive debt that has no accountability, high rates of crime and unemployment, and an unstable currency.

Here are a few instances of President Nana Akufo Addo’s damaging and unthinking behavior

1. One Akufo Addo shut down eight banks in the nation due to political and jealousy-related motives, which contributed to the current economic collapse and rendered hundreds of people employed in the banking industry jobless and poor.

2. Akufo Addo demolished state-owned properties that belonged to judges in the nation without any prior preparation or research to make room for the cathedral he promised God if he were to be elected president of Ghana. Apart from the rejection of the project by the majority of Ghanaians, it is now obvious that the government lacks the resources to carry out the massive project, and as a result, the judges’ bungalows were demolished without justification, which put them in a difficult position and cost the state money.

3. The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is said to have cut the sod for the La General Hospital redevelopment project in August 2020, according to Ghanaian newspapers. When former US president Barack Obama and his wife traveled to Ghana, they donated funds for building the hospital’s annex. Akufo Addo demolished the entire structure, including the newest addition.

The destroyed hospital has not yet been restored. The La-Teshie-Nungua residents didn’t ask for a contemporary hospital. Despite a few obstacles, the hospital was providing care to the locals until the president decided to demolish it and replace it with a brand-new facility. The pain that the people have been going through since the demolition may have a long-term psychological impact on them.

4. Since Akufo Addo became president, the government hasn’t given most Ghanaians jobs, so, many people weren’t interested when the NPP government decided to enact a new taxing they called E-Levy. Due to the lack of jobs in the system, Ghanaians were furious, which seems logical given that the government shouldn’t have to tax their meager income.

To increase the number of parliamentarians and enable the introduction of the new taxation, Akufo Addo disregarded the protests of the populace and dragged an ill, immobile NPP politician into the parliament, with an ambulance. Ghanaians who were dissatisfied and furious cashed their money and stopped using mobile payments, which led to the failure of the new taxation and the loss of thousands of jobs.

5. According to the elders, if one is pulling on a rope and it stops, something is likely clutching onto it at the other end. All of Ghana’s major water bodies and the country’s ecosystem have been damaged by illegal mining, sometimes known as “Galamsey,” but efforts to stop it have never been successful. Akufo Addo has been named by many Ghanaians as one of the corrupt criminals responsible for those malicious deeds.

No Ghanaian has ever encountered such depravity and haughtiness from a leader in a democratic administration throughout the nation’s political history. Only this tyrant is to blame for the tremendous tribalism and corruption that have irreparably damaged Ghana and left the vast majority of Ghanaians in poverty today. The only indication that Akufo Addo is psychologically sick is the fact that he talks about ending the eighth cycle.

He never discusses corruption, not even the most recent case of $100 million in oil money that has been embezzled and hidden in an offshore bank. Ghanaians desire a wise leader who is concerned with the welfare of the populace rather than just personal power. The enormity of the devastation demonstrates that Akufo Addo and the NPP government only care about power and corruption, thus the suffering Ghanaians must utilize whatever means to disapprove of both the president and the party.

— Joel Savage
Belgian-Ghanaian journalist, Joel Savage, writes the “A Mixture Of Periodicals” column. The Flemish Journalists Association member frequently contributed to the features sections of the Weekly Spectator, Ghanaian Times, Daily Graphic, and The Mirror. He lives in Belgium. 

Disclaimer: The content in this article reflects the opinion of the author and is at the sole discretion of the author.


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