Abubacarr: The ‘unknown’ African Hero who Deserves Millions in Compensation, A Movie, and Statues to Fetch Billions?


Abubacarr is so unknown to Africans or even in the Small Gambia he came from, but that may change from this day. Those who knew him more than me should reach out to me and others with evidence than claims. I no longer want him to be known as Gambian Hero, but as an African , Muslim, or Human Hero and victim of Western or Canadian Religious Bigotry or government hypocrisy. Few years ago, I briefly wrote about him, but Gambian Journalists and the Government of the Gambia were blind to my calls, did nothing, or not enough? Now that God is inspiring financial opportunities through Him and others, it is only befitting to make it open opportunity for all Countries, especially African countries. He arguably hold the record of most Religious related Arrest in Vancouver, Canada, western world, or whole world, within the last fifty years? His ‘Crime’ was preaching Islam on the Streets like Christians were allowed to , or we will honestly investigate. He was a victim of Bad Canadian administration, but a new administration may cover the bad one or honestly investigate with us and compensate millions to the blood family and the Gambia government.

How I came to know about Abubacarr? I lived in Canada for years, but never read or heard my fellow Gambian Muslim Brother was repeatedly arrested in Vancouver. So the God of all Nations, Races, Religions, etc was directly watching their abuses and preparing me to go to Vancouver, to learn about him and inspire me to tell the world, in his own timing? I visited Vancouver Island and fell in love with the place, but God sent me back to the Gambia, then sent me to live in Vancouver. Looking for a taxi, some how God sent a Muslim brother on my way. While chatting with the Taxi driver, he asked me where I came from. I told him the Gambia. He said, ‘I know one great man, called Abubacarr, he was from the Gambia.’ He told me how he was repeatedly arrested by the police of Vancouver and he will be back on the streets, preaching Islam without fear or worries that he will be arrested again. I guess he was like a Modern Bilal, suffering through the hands of hypocrites, while Bilal suffered through the hands of disbelievers or idol worshippers. I went to a Mosque, called Omar Al Faruug Mosque, they asked me where I came from? Similarly, multiple people told me about Abubacarr . They did not associate the Gambia with semi fictional Kunta Kinteh, Yahya Jammeh, or any popular Gambian, but Abubacarr. I asked about his last name, they couldn’t tell me, because Arabs and many Muslims focus on first names, while westerners remember last names? They told me ‘he eventually fell sick , went back to the Gambia and died after. Sad, but may God forgive him and bless him enormously.

His Gambian Blood Family: Why did this good or questionable family never told the Gambia or world about this Hero? May be they do not know much about his heroism, doubted his claims, or not inspired on His potential story? Since the Gambia is very small , someone among his family may read this and reach out to me. I do not even know his last name, but there are less than ten thousands Gambians who have been to Canada in the last fifty years and one week of constant Radio and TV ad asking: Does anyone know the family of Abubacarr or Ababacarr , who once lived in Canada, please call jarga on 220 3787 999 or xyz on xyz Number, we want to possibly have him as major character in a book, movie, and some other benefits awaits the family…’ Within one week, they will share it and the true family can be known. Now if QTV, GRTS or other Gambian refuse to place the ad free of charge or asking how much money? Joy TV of Ghana, BET of u.s, Gambia ministry of Tourism, xyz movie production of Nigeria or xyz can foot the bill and we can locate his Family members. Before any interview, have solid verification process: do you have his old passport with Abubacarr, Abou, or Ababacarr and last name? Take pictures and return with advice to guard. Do you have pictures of him in Canada? Which family member contacted his Canadian friends to inform them of his dead.

After confirming with the immigration department or you are convinced you are dealing with the right family. Then honestly tell them that they deserve something from the financial proceeds, but the man is bigger than his blood family or even Gambian family. Explain to them that the primary motive of the Movie and Statues is to educate, celebrate, and help avoid wrongs, especially Religious Bigotry. Explain to them to if A Saudi or xyz Taxi Driver never told me about him, will the family have pushed for the mentioned ? Even Canadian Muslims may have helped me with the information, so good Canadians can fight for the right to build big Statues of him and many good Canadians will say we never knew our government did such wrongs, we are sorry, and thanks for your movie, book, etc.

After getting good interviews and evidence from his blood family. You can proceed to Vancouver and do further interviews of people, beyond the Mosque. You may need to place ads in some Vancouver media houses. Lastly, now you can contact good Canadian lawyers. Armed with the full names, not just Abubacarr, you can easily pull number of records on arrests or charges. Contrast it with estimated number of arrests by Muslims of Vancouver. The rest may be too sensitive to discuss here. Since the abuses likely happen during the Stephen Harper administration, who was very Islamophobic, the Justin Trudeau administration may understand the need to be truthful and compensate out of court, or sue the government. The blood family or Gambia government have the powers to sue, but any country or company can make the movie or build the Statues.

I re-entered Canada on the day or day before Nelson Mandela died , and there is some symbolism to that coincidence. Within months was when I learn about this Abubacarr. At the very Mosque Abubacarr used to pray and close to where some of the Arrests were made, I called an Athan outside the Mosque, with my natural voice, and have repeatedly did this without being arrested. The Muslims in the Mosque looked at me as if I was doing something very wrong or very brave. I was partly sending a symbolic message , because the one who used to call for prayer (Athan) in my home village died while I was in Vancouver and he was not born in that village. Although I oppose using extremely loud speakers to call for prayer, I think using a Natural voice is not burden some , especially where gangsters can blast music on the streets or churches can ring bells so early. We must use Conscience and avoid sins between creatures, some people are sick, some sleeping due to work schedules, etc and the ones you are calling to pray can make the effort to buy alarms, set such on phones, etc. Use your natural voice as the days of Muhammad (pbuh) or very small speakers.

Canada is sometimes very hypocritical, and in some administration than others. Canada brags about being the first western country to place sanctions against South Africa over Apartheid and they gave Nelson Mandela a Honorary Citizenship. Stephen Harper went to Mandela’s funeral, but was he ordering or aware of the abuses against Abubacarr and myself? There are many problems I mentioned between me and Canada, and u.s that can be in the movie to make it more mainstream, beyond religion. Canada literally denied me citizenship under Harper and can we open the files for investigations and for the movie? Will Trudeau or Biden give me Honorary Citizenship ? No, I am not interested in living in the west at the moment, and hopefully for ever, but I think confronting government wrongs is very good. Not only Canada delayed my application for years, but they lied to deny me citizenship. After acquiring my Permanent Residency , they hated me over my marijuana Activism and others? Like many countries, they make bad laws based on exceptional excuses and ignore realistic exceptions. They will claim you need Good English before citizenship, not permanent residency? How hard it is to make a law that those who live and work over five years can be exempted from English test, or a recorded interview in English can be judged by a panel? The purpose of that English proficiency test is to ascertain working opportunities and avoid social dependency on the state, so over five years of verifiable tax returns means you have likely assimilated and have at least functional English. Anyway, they asked me to take an English test before any citizenship, and I humbly took the test. Do you think I pass the test or I have good English to live in an English country? Canada said they misplaced the test results or some computer problems, and I have to pay for their carelessness? You may use something like such excuses in the movie, denying me or Abubacarr our dues with nasty tactics?

The U.S and/or Canada had me on financial and sexual sanctions, they denied me opportunities to intimidate or frustrate me to stop activism. I was a highly successful salesperson, especially when I was in Alberta. I verifiably sold over one million dollars of home Appliances in one year. That is a very good record and anyone who knows how sales commission industry works in North America, you know they will give you a one to three weeks work opportunity to prove how well you can sell. With my type of Record, many Companies will gladly give me working opportunity, but I found it difficult to get even an interview, due to the mentioned sanctions. They monitor my phone and email, so they easily tell companies what to do or some how block communication. Those of you who doubt how Snowden confirmed such is possible, you may never believe some activists are under a special NSA and wrongly oppressed or denied opportunities due to our views or activism. My advice to activists is to be extra careful, but believe that God can see you through. Similarly, they called my potential partners to discourage them from dating me and is that not sexual sanctions? Knowing how cowardly many women are regarding men or black men, if the government give you call about a guy you just met, what are the chances of verifying or proceeding to date him? If they tell you he has sexual disease, will you say thank you very much and ask which one and demand medical tests beyond the ones they claim? You are less likely to act that way unless you read a book or saw a movie on how LGBTQ leaning governments may fight heterosexual activists for different reasons. If they claim he is a rapist or under rape investigation , what mechanisms will you employ or deny a good person a need or opportunity? If they claim he breaks the hearts of many or any other claim, how will you verify or should we blindly believe government claims? Beside the countless women I exchanged numbers with and they mysteriously failed to proceed for a date, one of the government intervention stands out: I went to a clothes optional beach in Vancouver, passed many ugly or fairly looking women and never talked to them; a gay Indian guy tried to talk to me and I rejected him politely, but he persisted and I shouted at him; then I saw a beautiful girl lying naked and reading a feminist book. Could it be my lucky day or life? I approached her and she was seemingly happy and talking nicely to me, while she was 100% naked… all of a sudden , a NSA or xyz phone call came and I can read something in her eyes even during the call and she turn cold to me after that call. Did you know they can monitor a smartphone while it is off and location area, etc, and Snowden confirmed it? Every good movie director knows this is a scene secular folks can relate to; so a movie about Abubacarr can have Religious intolerance, but adding other characters to expose other government wrongs and educate the people on the dangers of blindly trusting governments, including Western governments, is bad or terrible. The girl was mixed race, Asian and white, but the movie character can be any race.

A movie can have a main character, but how many more characters? So feel free to research lot more and make a movie with verifiable records that will change governments and individual minds towards a much better world. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

As said, I do not think Abubacarr did it for money or fame, but we can educate the masses and God may raise his Status in Heaven… So any country can have his Statue, and I give the order, or who can claim only South Africa have the right to raise a statue of Mandela?

If the Saudi Government smartly choose his Statue in one Tourist Destination area in 2023, and Write ‘The Bilal that Westerners Maltreated over religion…’ Facts will raise interesting debates to further freedom in different parts of the world, including Saudi Arabia… If they make millions through the Statue, they can choose where to donate or remember the God of free a neck is closely watching and donating to freedom cause is vital. How many millions will saw his Statue to learn vs learn and pray for him ? I don’t think many Arabs were brave like Bilal, when the war was with disbelievers. Vancouver is like a Modern Mecca, the most beautiful western city I visited or lived in. Again, despite all the Muslims from different countries, Abubacarr have proven there are brave blacks. Yes, I often write blacks have an intolerable level of fear, compare to many races and why we partly suffer on earth than others… Although he came back to the Gambia as patient, which should also be investigated for possible poisoning, but does he or many Gambians have the courage to stand up to the oppression of Yahya Jammeh, Jihnack Village head, or Saudi Prince/King?

After seeing Saudi Arabia or Ghana making millions through Gambian Citizen, Gambians may awake and build his Statue in 2030 or 2050, but where? It is not most important to have it in his home village or town, but focus where can have multiple marketing points and spacious enough to handle million visitors. A very good place is Jihnack, but they have a nasty record of Religious intolerance and how well they and the Gambia government evolve or handles it can determine if we should consider a statue of freedom fighter in a place of religious Bigotry or a sincerely Repenting folks… People tend to Consider me as I am from Kuntaya village, a team of very smart people may study it and say Memmeh Village may be better for such a statue. The Gambia government can even consider buying or seeking a place in Vancouver and have another Statue of him there. You can make money there, pay taxes, but also have the millions who visit Vancouver consider visiting the Gambia through the movie and Statue. Vancouver happens to have a movie industry and the Mayor may facilitate it in Repentance and rebuke of an ex mayor.

Feel free to contact movie makers in U.S, India, or any where and make a great movie without the backward marabout or voodoo works of average Nigerian movie.

If I intentionally lied against anyone or country in this article, may God proportionately curse me ; but if anyone denies any fact here, may God curse such until they sincerely repent. The west is far from perfect, but we have a responsibility to exhort them to truth…, sometimes we fear to do it , due to fear of withholding aid, sanctions , or sponsor of regime change. Sometimes we delay to expose them like some rape victims claim ‘they won’t believe me or nothing will come out of it ‘? Just do your part and leave the rest with God. Gradually, He may inspire ways to confront guilty ones in every place on earth. We support culture of cameras and truthful whistle blowers beyond Snowden, Assange, Manning, etc. May God give us multiple victories beyond words and this world.

Optional note 2:

Vancouver Mysteries: There are personally experienced Mysteries and all time General Mysteries of Vancouver for such a movie. This is the City where most of the most dramatic fight for Cannabis legalisation in North America and the world happened.

While cannabis was illegal in Canada, the mayor of Vancouver told police to reduce arrest over marijuana and focus on other real crimes. Of course this never meant the worst of officers stopped harassing people over Cannabis. One Sunday, while going to work, as I enter the train station, I saw police officers in what is similar to ‘stop and Frisk..’. One female officer was making enormous efforts to come close to me, and trying to smell Cannabis or which other drug can she smell? I laughed and passed her , while I was comfortably high. I sad inside the train, and was smiling or laughing due to memories and mind flashes many marijuana folks do have. Two young white males, I guess to be teenagers entered and sat facing me… As I smile, one of them saw something mysterious on me, covered his face, and ran out of the train, and his other friend comforted him… ‘one will be taken, one left behind ‘ is the biblical quote that now comes to my mind. I felt bad, and wondered what really happened to him, and comforted myself with may be he is a bad teenager and my general imprecations affect him? Warn your teenagers and everyone to do good, but also to repent where need be.. Since I do not remember ever meeting them, it is less likely to be personal differences, but if he had approached me and explained himself, perhaps some advice or prayers may see him through… I think it can be a good movie scene.

Considering the prime minister was against cannabis, the mayor was tolerant, police had discretionary options; but God has indeed conquered the anti cannabis folks there, at least to some degree. You cannot oppress an individual or group forever. Abubacarr died and may be some of the officers who arrested him passed away too. If my desires are realised, a statue of Abubacarr will be erected in Vancouver and the living officers who arrested him may repent or God’s curse be upon them. We want all the facts and not ready to defend Abubacarr where he was wrong. Once the records are pulled , we can try talking to the officers who arrested him. However, we must now say: let them come forward with confessions or may God curse be upon the guilty officers and politicians, who persecuted and try to intimidate our Brother. Beside Vancouver, his Statues around the world will send a message to officers , some of whom may learn and even expose the evil ordering bigger cops. So you can clearly see our target is improving choices, not just honor a person we wish God gives more than humans can give.

Vancouver Island have beautiful nature, except lack of enough sunlight, if you ask many plants and Jarga. Jihnack Island have beautiful nature, enough sunlight, but lack man made riches or money. So which Vancouver or xyz millionaire or Billionaire will like to sponsor such a movie and also show Gambia have Religious Bigotry In Jihnack, but will they repent or be defeated any way? I know some Jihnackans will wonder when will I stop the fight? When you sincerely repent, do good, I may write good about you like I am doing for Abubacarr. May I triumph lot more and my enemies repent, be mysteriously cursed, or defeated any how.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo, © 2022

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect AfricansInDispersion’s official position. AfricansInDispersion will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.


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