Faith-based ignorance killing our people – Dr Richard Okoye


The President of Save a life Hospital, also known as dr Save a life, spoke on the vital issue concerning faith and ignorance.

In this clip he is seen highlighting the fact that a lot of people have lost their lives due to ignorance associated with religion and health. He encouraged religious leaders to always advise their members to take their health as priority not minding their faiths. The message has been widely spread on the internet with a lot of people highly receptive of it.

About Save a Llife

SaveALife Mission Hospital is an ISO-Certified group of hospitals with over 500 bed strength, fully equipped for multi-specialty procedures including: IVF/ICSI Fertility Treatment, Laparoscopy, Knee/Hip Replacement, Laser Cataract and Prostate surgeries, Liver transplant etc..

Their Operating Philosophy: To reverse medical tourism towards Africa through provision of unparallel world class health care services.

They offer technology aided diagnostic and treatment equipment that diagnose and treat most misdiagnosed and poorly managed cases. Our endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures ensures average hospital stay of 24-72 hours after surgeries.

The message in the video is very clear and informative.



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