Man Rapes Two Witches Who Attacked Him At Night In His Home


South Africa–A 43-year-old widower only identified as Alfred has shocked the world after he slępt with two witches who flew to his home nak#d at midnight. gathered that Alfred woke up and found the two beautiful ladies (alleged witches) in his yard engaging in witchcraft activities.

They were without clothes. Neighbours gathered and threatened to lynch the so-called witches alive.

But ‘Alfred told us not to worry. He will deal with them his way and dragged them inside his house and locked the doors’, an witness said.

‘Afterwards, I heard screams and moaning coming from the house, and Alfred was refusing to open the door’.

He continued ‘I decided to call the police who arrived a few hours later. I thought if he [Alfred] killed them both alone, he was going to jail for murder as opposed to mob justice’.

Alfred confessed that he had s#x with the ladies for over 3 hours as he figured they had already bewitched him.

He said a prophet told him some time back that two women are busy putting a curse on him not to marry again.

The women refused to open a case against Alfred even though he abused them s#xually for hours.



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