Burkina Faso opens Bagre Dam

Burkina Faso opens Bagre Dam

Authorities in Burkina Faso have opened the Bagre Dam following rising levels of water in the dam.

A communication from the Hydroelectric Production Department of SONABEL of Burkina Faso, said the opening of the valves  “took place Thursday morning, September 01, 2022 at 0900 hours with a flow of 355m³/s.”

The communication, which was sighted by the Ghana News Agency, was forwarded to the National Disaster Management Organisation.

“The upstream level on Thursday, September 01 is 235.06. The filling rate is 100.98% compared to 93.05% on the same date in 2021,” it said.

On the Kompienga Dam,  it said: “The upstream level on Thursday, September 01, is 175.70m. The filling rate is 56.15% compared to 55.71% on the same date in 2021.”

The Ghana News Agency understands that the water from the Bagre Dam will hit communities in parts of northern Ghana within 72 hours of the opening of the valves.



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