The NPP’s Goal Of Ending The Eighth Cycle Is A Pipe Dream That Can Only Be Achieved By Election Rigging


The NPP government’s claim that it will end the eighth cycle is only wishful thinking that will never materialize. The NPP can only end the 8th cycle if the elections are rigged once more in light of the NPP government’s poor performance, which includes human error and corruption that have resulted in the collapse of the economy, weak currency, high rate of unemployment, crime, and enormous debt without accountability.

I have to be honest with Ghanaians; what the NPP government has shown is a substandard form of political embezzlement, not politics. As a Ghanaian, I feel extremely ashamed and even more uneasy with diplomats from other nations who are in Ghana to represent their nations, witnessing such disgraceful politics going on. I’m not sure what they think of the NPP administration or Ghanaians in general in regards to the end of the eighth cycle.

I believe that those who read such news may conclude that Ghanaian politicians are a bunch of jokers who don’t take their jobs seriously and that the average Ghanaian is equally to blame for their misery since they are OK with it because they are praying for God to rescue them. God is there for everyone, but it’s up to you to survive, brothers and sisters.

Since the NPP government despises taking accountability, it has failed and disappointed the majority of Ghanaians. The president, Akufo Addo, will point the finger at COVID or the Russia-Ukraine war if the party doesn’t place the blame for its failure on John Mahama.

Given the dismal performance of the party, I must be completely open and honest with all of the NPP ministers, telling you that the everyday practice of breaking the 8th cycle in Ghanaian politics is the largest insult to you. Why the NPP doesn’t feel embarrassed to mention this every time baffles me.


Since the NPP government under Nana Akufo Addo has fared so poorly, it is clear that the party’s fight to stay in power or end the eighth cycle is not for the welfare or advancement of the people but rather for the survival of the party and its incompetent MPs.

In all honesty, it is embarrassing to talk about ending the eighth cycle when evaluation and analysis are done based on what the NPP party has accomplished, the chaos they have caused, and the artificial hardships they have brought upon Ghanaians, amid a high rate of unemployment, corruption, crime, a collapsed economy, depreciated currency, and enormous debt without accountability.

Why talk about breaking the eighth cycle since the NPP never won the 2020 elections? Therefore, it perplexes me to hear NPP leaders talk about ending the eighth cycle although this political party has caused greater problems for Ghanaians than any other government. This is a problem that is frequently brought on by negligence and failure acceptance.

It is critical to realize that being correct or winning every time is unattainable in life. The NPP administration often approaches the issue incorrectly because they cannot endure embarrassment, wrath, fury, disappointment, chagrin, guilt, and the bewilderment of failure. The common people are suffering more as a result because they are unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes or seek out effective solutions.

Ghanaians continue to be dissatisfied with the NPP party in general and its leader Nana Akufo Addo because they never acknowledge that failure is their responsibility. They always blame something or someone else for their mistakes. For instance, after repeatedly blaming Mahama, they turned to the coronavirus while also stealing the majority of the foreign-donated COVID monies. They then turned to the Russia-Ukraine War. Who or what will they blame next?

Why does the NPP party keep bringing up breaking the eighth cycle when they didn’t even win the 2020 elections in the first place? The only way such success is possible is to rig the 2024 elections, which this time, despite all the nasty plots and schemes the party has prepared, will never be simple to do since the great sufferings would make it impossible for ordinary Ghanaians to accept such bogus results once more.

The NPP politicians need to comprehend this. They need to be careful about what they desire or plan to do if they believe that they won’t rely on the public’s vote because they know it will prevent them from power. Instead, they will use the corrupt law they have instituted to rig the elections to stay in power.

Akufo Addo stated that Ghanaians needed better service although the economy and value of the Ghanaian cedi were better under the previous administration. He even referred to the “Arab Spring,” in which a protester set himself on fire to demonstrate his suffering. Therefore, if the NPP government will not accept its failure and will rig the election, that means, the party hasn’t only denied peace the chance in politics but also deprived the majority to live a proper life. The outcome is what I can’t predict, therefore, they should be careful.

By Joel Savage


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