Passengers escape death as Uber car somersaults on N1 highway


A driver of an Uber car and his two passengers escaped unhurt on Friday, December 30 after the car they were in somersaulted on the N1 highway.

The incident occurred close to the interchange around the Achimota Forest stretch.

The driver who was moving from the Fiesta Royale traffic light was heading towards Lapaz when he lost control of the steering wheel causing the car to somersault.

Citi FM’s Chantel Anombase reported that fumes immediately emanated from the car after it turned on the passenger side.

Some bystanders rescued the passengers and the driver from the Ash Toyota Vitz.

Some bystanders assisted the driver by quenching the fumes with a fire extinguisher from one of the nearby drivers.

The car was later turned to its normal position. None of the passengers sustained injuries.

The police rushed to the accident scene to ascertain the cause.



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