Kabulonga married woman impregnated by her garden boy


Kabulonga married woman impregnated by her garden boy

A Kabulonga based Nigerian business man married to a Zambian woman wants divorce because , apparently his wife is pregnant for someone else.

Facts of the matter being that Mr. Emeka often travelles to Solwezi where he runs a small scale mine. While away for three months, his wife Violet was involved in unholy out-of- wedlock horizontal engineering with another man, who apparently, dripped fertilization semen into her ovaries to cause pregnancy.

The man in question is their garden boy Solomon Ngoma. Violet got very intoxicated and slept on the couch in the sitting room.She said in testimony in Court, that she slept from 15hrs and only woke up around 20hrs after which she found herself naked and wondered how.

Mrs Emeka claimed that she did not bother but went to catch a shower later believing that she might have been very drunk and therefore, ended up undressing.She told court that a month later she discovered that she was pregnant but had no any intimate interaction with her husband who had been out for three months.

It is Mr. Emeka who told court that actually his wife has been having extra marital horizontal engineering matches with their garden boy and not what she said in court. A tearful Emeka told court that his wife has been offering her buffcake – which he thought was only his property to for the purpose of soothing his boneless stick one eyed anaconda- to their garden boy, Solomon Ngoma. He wants to have nothing to do with her and believes the gardener is the father of the unborn child.

— The Zambian Observer


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