Arrogant public servants think public institutions are their private property – Mahama


Former President, John Dramani Mahama has called out public servants for refusing to serve the citizenry.

According to him, some Ghanaians in public service have become so arrogant to the extent that they have turned themselves into thin gods.

In a recent engagement in the Volta Region, John Dramani Mahama said people who display such arrogant behavior think the public institutions they work in are their private property.

“Unfortunately, we cannot talk same of leaders of today when we talk about humility and modesty. A lot of people exhibit a lot of arrogance in public service today.

“Why are we called public servants when you are a Minister or a CEO or you are the head of a public institution? You are called a public servant and a servant’s duty is to serve not to lord it over the people. Unfortunately, a lot of us do not see their promotion into service as an obligation to serve the people. So you see a lot of arrogance when people think that public institutions are their private property and they conduct themselves as such,” John Dramani Mahama said.

The former president said this while addressing a congregation of the Amenuveve E.P Church at Dorfor-Podoe in the North Tongu District of the Volta region at the Church’s 125 years anniversary celebration.

In his advice, John Dramani Mahama charged public servants to shun arrogant behavior and work in service to the citizenry and nation.

— ModernGhana


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